Hey there!

I'm Jessica Morris, Owner and photographer of Dahlia Green Photography.

   You may presume my name is Dahlia. I get this a lot!  

   Long story short... I founded my name off of my forever love, my pup, Dahlia! She is the rock to my stability. 

   My passion in life is just that, Passion. I have an inner understanding for creating emotion in an image. My one true goal is to capture you and your family for exactly what you are, LOVE!

   I believe I am a Hoot! I've got some top notch dad jokes and I'll even slap my own knee. I believe that's what sets my sessions apart from the others, we WILL have a good time. It shows in your Gallery <3

 If this is your first professional photography session, please, don't be nervous! 

   My style is guiding,

I will prompt you the entire session. From your hand placement to where your lips should meet. Although, most if the time, I enjoy natural movement, so we will be doing a lot of silly things that in the end will turn out to be a spontaneous masterpiece!

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